Other Services

Advisory Services

A. Business Case Planning

We help entrepreneurs in assessing potential for a new venture, potential for capacity building, understanding investment requirement, return and evaluating risk profile. Different services are taken up to support different requirements.

  1. Demand assessment
  1. We undertake targeted primary surveys and secondary research to understand the demand potential and competitive landscape. Demand assessment leads to establishing the need for capacity building that helps in decision making.

  2. Pre-Feasibility & Feasibility Study Reports
  1. Pre-feasibility assessment attempts to establish viability on a preliminary basis. It assesses the demand potential, investment requirement and return.

    Feasibility studies are an extension of pre-feasibility study and analyses the projects’ viability in a greater detail.

3. Detailed Project Report (DPR)

  1. We prepare detailed project report for our clients that capture some crucial part of front end engineering and broad level zoning plan. A DPR helps in the promoters in strengthening a plan and continuously monitoring it.

B. Curriculum Development and Implementation.

C. Workshop and Enrichment Programme.

D. Other Services

In addition to the above, we also offer certain other services based on the requirement as mentioned below,

  • Content Development,
  • Parent/ student satisfaction assessment and action plan formulation,
  • Teacher training need assessment,
  • Theory of Knowledge (TOK) idea/ knowledge sharing programme for students and teachers to promote lateral thinking,
  • IB pre- authorization and authorization expert advice,
  • Help in selection of school location,
  • Preparation of cost model for setting up of new school or for expansion ideas,
  • Conducting seminars for student groups,
  • Implementing quality system for institutions.