English in IGCSE and AS/ A Level

The International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) is an English language based examination developed by University of Cambridge. IGCSE is recognized in the UK and is treated at par with General Certificate of Secondary Education or GCSE. IGCSE curriculum is applicable for students of 9th and 10th standard, conducted by University of Cambridge International Examinations (UCIE). IGCSE English Online Course ultimately leads students to AS Level and then to A Level examination. Both AS & A Level examinations are admission criterion for higher education globally.

A -Level (Advance Level) is a qualification conferred as a part of General Certificate of Education (GCE) and has three levels with increasing difficulty level –

  • The Ordinary Level (O- Level)
  • The Advanced Subsidiary Level (A1 Level or AS Level or 11th level in some countries)
  • The Advanced Level (A Level or 12th level in some countries)

YesmindZ is Serving the Global Student Community

English in IGCSE and AS / A Level syllabus focuses on critical thinking ability of the students. The course being formulated by Cambridge University, demands a higher level of language skills for students and not surprisingly this higher level of emphasis on knowledge and skills makes it one of the most attractive school leaving in the world. Not surprisingly, a large number of schools around the world follows IG syllabus. The syllabus requires high level of critical understanding of English Language along with competence in the technical aspects of the subject.

English in IGCSE or AS / A Level is in a higher level of learning. Thus, often students find it difficult to cope up with English Language and Literature of IG syllabus. To meet the gap, students from all over the world approaches YesmindZ academy for support in this matter.

YesmindZ offers the following courses for AS/ A Level and IGCSE students.

  1. English Check Point (Grade VIII)
  2. English- Literature(English) (0486)
  3. English – First Language(0500)
  4. English as Second Language (General Paper)
  5. English As/A level Language (9093)
  6. English As/A Level Literature (8695)

Yesmindz’s online IGCSE Online learning helps students to attain their desired skills and knowledge to achieve great results in their A-Level Examination. 

YesmindZ’s IGCSE and AS/ A Level English Courses are Student Centric

@ YesmindZ’s IGCSE online course or IG online course contents are designed looking at the need of the student and his level of understanding of the subject. This assessment is done prior to admitting a student in our institute through a preliminary demo class. In case of group classes, the level of the standard is determined by careful evaluation of all the students in the group.

All the classes offered by YesmindZ are online, allowing the students to participate from across the globe.