MathewMathewIGCSE English, Singapore
I felt that your classes have made me appreciate English a bit more. You have taught me on how to always further improve my work eventhough I at times feel that it is the best output I had given.
SayantanSayantanICSE & ISC English, Singapore
I have learnt a lot of things in Njoy learning where I found the experience in writing sentence structure and improving a lot.Whenever there was any help required I asked maam to help me . Based on this I have really enjoyed the session a lot.Online classes are fun to learn and to have a different method of learning.
Rashmitha, AS Level English, SingaporeRashmitha, AS Level English, SingaporeRashmitha, AS Level English, Singapore
I joined njoy learning few months ago, in the beginning I almost had no interest in studying English, but soon after all your efforts,I started doing my homework sincerely, and the confidence you have given me helped me improve a lot..I also enjoyed the small talks we had which both of us could relate to.. You are strict yet a chill teacher!Thank You So Much for giving me an interest towards English!
Navath, IBDP English & TOK, Chenna, IndiaNavath, IBDP English & TOK, Chenna, IndiaNavath, IBDP English & TOK, Chenna, India
The joy of learning on online platform is one of the greatest and even more greater if you join njoy learning.The classes were amazing taken by Madam Pratima Roy. She is the most awesome and kindest English and TOK teacher,I have ever seen in my life.
Abhinaya D, IBDP English & TOK, Chennai, IndiaAbhinaya D, IBDP English & TOK, Chennai, IndiaAbhinaya D, IBDP English & TOK, Chennai, India
As a homeschooler at eleventh grade, I was looking for ways to actively engage my mind and enhance my language skills.Although I was considered a "good" writer when I was younger,I felt that I had hit a plateau and my style of writing seemed to be stagnant. I decided that it was time to explore a different avenueof writing and reading which was based in literary analysis.With the help of Pratima Ma'am, I slowly overcome mywriting limitations and at the end of the year, I had a folder of well-written essays, a better technique of analysis andthe confidence to pursue ...
Rishi, IGCSE & AS Level English, Pune, IndiaRishi, IGCSE & AS Level English, Pune, IndiaRishi, IGCSE & AS Level English, Pune, India
I have been part of a nourishing journey towards great proficiency in English for about two years alongside a great distributor of wisdom,knowledge, and life skills – njoy learning. Throughout this period, I have been debilitated with several hurdles,but nothing has been tough to overcome.Initially, I would take the subject for granted, thinking that it is a cakewalk(considering that I shifted from a board where English was treated as a trivial subject). However, after my experience with Pratima ma’am, my perspective has change profoundly!
SimranSimranIBDP English, Singapore
After joining this class I feel that my grade has improved quite a lot. The feedback that you give is usually quite detailedand considers all aspects of the criteria. Joining this class has also helped me to learn how to write aneffective introduction and structure my essay properly.
SoumyaSoumyaAS Level English, Chennai, India
Before joining your class, I was really ambiguous when it came to commenting on a passage.I wasn't able to do the task given to me with clarity or confidence.I was a little chagrined about my writing before joining the group class.That really changed after I joined the classes, I started approaching the task given to me with a lot of confidence,as I started comprehending the type of writing expected from me. I thank you a lot for helping me out,and for the comments you shared with me. It helped me to improve my writing by a few notches.The discussion in ...
Achuth NairAchuth NairIBDP TOK, Singapore
Hi Ma'am, I'm Achuth, thank you very much ma'am for your help. I got A in TOK. Thank you for your support.
Sugimoto FSugimoto FIBDP TOK, Japan
The experience was better than what I expected initially, as you should me the actual way to write the ToK essay which my teacher did not do really well.If there is a thing to improve, I would suggest using Google documents would be a good wayto edit the essays as downloading several times could result in duplicating files.